Local Fishing

Fishing is a favorite activity of the Lombard Rangers for many reasons.  It is a past time that seamlessly combines the organizational values Respect, Responsibility and Toughness. Any time an activity brings man in contact with wildlife there is an opportunity to practice respect.  An opportunity to respect all the generations of knowledge used in the activity. An opportunity to respect the environment.  An opportunity to respect the life of the fish caught.  An opportunity to respect the equipment and tools used in the activity.  Respect is a value which brings the world into perspective for man and helps him learn his position in the world.  Fishing also teaches valuable lessons in responsibility.  When man understands his role in the world he takes responsibility inherent in that role.  The responsibility of learning the generational wisdom and carrying it on.  The responsibility of maintaining  the environment.  The responsibility of ensuring healthy fish populations.  The responsibility of maintaining equipment and tools.  Responsibility is something that should be empowering and bring man a feeling of importance, while work needed in carrying out those responsibilities is often humbling.  Fishing, like all of life, does not always go in the favor of the fisherman.  If nothing is caught,  hooks are snagged, or a favorite lure is lost for good, man is presented with an opportunity to practice toughness.  Toughness needed to not be discouraged when learning to bait hooks, tie knots or handle fish.  Toughness needed to keep it together when your skin catches an errant hook or a hand gets bumped between the boat and the dock.  The world is doing its best to humble man. Toughness is man’s responsibility to remain respectful to that world.


Local Fishing

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