Lombard Ranger values all in one quote


It is a show of respect to avoid hitting whenever possible, a demonstration of responsibility to recognize when hitting is unavoidably your duty, and it takes toughness to place oneself in the position of physical violence.

In modern western society we have become soft. Men and boys are predominately raised under the falsehood that “violence is never the answer”.  So few modern western men take on their responsibility as a protector and most have become defenseless in the face of violence brought upon them.

In order for a man to properly defend  himself, his family and his slice of liberty in this world, he must have a respect and understanding of violence.  Otherwise his liberty is at stake and when jeopardized he must rely on the government to provide violence on his behalf.  The government provides law enforcement backed by violence.  Police carry firearms, batons, and various conducted electrical weapons as their tools of violence, because all laws are backed by the promise of violence if not adhered to.   When violence is necessary, waiting on the government to respond will seem like an eternity.  That is not meant as disrespectful towards law enforcement, they understand and study violence like others do not, however, they can not be everywhere at once.   Every man should respect violence. Every man should know when it is his responsibility to use violence. Every man should have the toughness to deliver violence appropriately.

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