Lombard Ranger Values: Battling Arrogance and Resentment

What is the purpose for instilling values in young men? Where are these values drawn from? In my personal life, my years of combat experience and my work as a police officer, I have observed evil at many levels. I have observed it in regular people, my adversaries, within myself and those I love. It is clearly identified by the effects that it has on people. The person enacting it, and the people it is being enacted on. I believe it exists within each of us. It is enacted by everyone at some point at some level. I believe the purpose of adopting values is to have a reliable set of tools to battle that evil within ourselves.

When I speak of evil I am referring to acting (and speaking) in a manner which brings harm to another or yourself based on arrogance and/or resentment.  From as small as avoiding responsibility in your day to day activities, name calling, lying in your interactions with others, to as large as imposing violence and death on others. All of these are done based on justifying the act to ones self first.

“Because I am a victim of ________, I can/will do ________.” This is the essence of victim mentality.  Arrogance and Resentment. Victim mentality is what produces evil at all levels. From petty theft, to adultery, to mass murder and genocide. “Because the world has caused me suffering, I am justified in comforting myself, even if that causes suffering to myself or others.”

Victim mentality is what the Lombard Rangers seek to combat. Replacing pride with humble respect, blame and avoidance with responsibility, and weakness with toughness.

Recently, I have been reading, researching, and engaging in long discussions with people who hold drastically different views from my own. I have done so in order to earn a greater understanding of why I feel the way I do about the values I strive to adhere to.

One resource I found especially enlightened was a speech given by Dr. Jordan B Peterson of the University of Toronto for CBC ideas entitled, “A History of Violence”. In it he speaks of evil as described through the ages, Cain in the Bible, Titus Andronicus the Shakespeare play, Mephistopheles of Faust, the devil in Paradise Lost, and finally to the eye opening similarities of Eric Harris, one of the teenage shooters in the Columbine massacre.
Each of these cases speak with a similar inflated arrogance in which they know what God knows and place themselves superior. Each professes their justification for destroying existence based on their own resentment of it. Dr. Peterson boils the concept down to; “the ultimate in intellectual pride, everything I know is sufficient, and there is nothing transcendent beyond that.” That ultimate intellectual pride (arrogance) paired with a deep resentment for existence, is what pushed them toward pure evil. Because the world is unfair, I am justified in destroying it.

It appears the worst horrors experienced throughout history were caused by this pattern of thought. These truthful and literary stories from the past must serve as examples as to why pride must be given up to something transcendent, not to the self. They also reveal how resentment should be discarded in exchange for preparing yourself for reality and accepting it.

Work daily to mind your thoughts. Stay humble and do not allow yourself to adopt a victim mentality. Focus on improving your reactions to things and people in your life. This will keep you from acting in a way that victimizes others.

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