Pick Up Your Burden, and Bear it

Everyone has burdens to bear. Everyone has a cross to carry. Knowing this fact is what drew out and shaped the Lombard Ranger values.  It is out of respect that we aknowledge and seek to understand the burders of others. It is out of a sense of responsibility that we carry our own crosses, and help others to bear the weight of theirs. It is through toughness that we persist. And through toughness that we pick our selves up when our burdens drag us down.


It is burden that gives comfort meaning. It is pain that gives pleasure meaning. It is suffering that gives love meaning. In order to respect or appreciate anything in the world it is necessary to understand fully what makes everything so worth appreciation.

In viewing the world this way the only appropriate way to act is to set out to respect the world for what it is, take responsibility for what you must do in the world, and be tough in the face of challenges. The choice to do so is of your own free will. Every moment is an opportunity for choice. An opportunity to bring potential into being. An opportunity to shape the future into moments with less suffering. Choose to not be resentful or bitter. Choose to do the little things, the small improvements which exist in every moment that transform potential into a less sufferable reality.  It is the responsibility of men to set the example which teaches young men this amazing power we all have. And to show them by using this power the suffering in the world will be reduced.



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